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Got Baby on the brain?

Preparing for your pregnancy could be the most important thing you ever do.

Pregnancy preparation will help you conceive with ease and give your child the healthiest start possible!

Preparing for pregnancy is no longer a “nice thing to do”, these days it’s an absolute must.

Science shows that toxins in our lives can cause infertility, birth defects, and negative birth outcomes for our children.

These toxins are everywhere and are in your body right now – affecting the quality of your eggs, your hormonal cycle, and your chances of an easy conception. Even before you are pregnant these toxins can determine the health of your future child.

Once you are pregnant, it is crucial to avoid certain toxins which we know can cause autism, asthma, obesity, and other chronic illnesses in children.

These toxins come from our external environment as well as our internal environment, thoughts, emotions, and beliefs.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  Whole Health Fertility’s mission is to help all women with “baby on the brain” prepare for pregnancy so that they can release these toxins, clean up their bodies and their lives in order for a baby to come in with the healthiest foundation possible. 


This healthy foundation starts in you – right now, way before you ever get pregnant.

So – I’m starting a revolution! I believe is time for all women to understand what true fertility health is. I believe it is time for us to stand together in the protection of our own bodies and the sacred womb we grow our children in. I believe pregnancy preparation is THE MOST important thing we can ever do – for ourselves, for our unborn children, and for humanity as a whole. Pre-preg Prep for all!

Are you with me, ladies?! 

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Is Pre-Preg Prep Fertility Coaching Right For You?

whole_health_fertility_pregnancy_6Does this sound like you?

  • Want to get as healthy as possible before you even try to get pregnant so that you can conceive with ease and protect your future child?
  • Want to learn where fertility imbalances may be hiding and how to bring yourself back into balance?
  • Want to prepare your mind, body and soul for the healthiest pregnancy, birth and postpartum possible?
  • Are you trying to enhance your fertility naturally or looking for better support through ART?
  • Want to wake up every morning happy and confident that you are doing the best thing for your fertility AND your future baby?
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Are you interested in getting pregnant and doing whatever it takes to prepare for the healthiest pregnancy possible?

Fertility coaching is not just for women that are presently experiencing fertility issues. It is also for women that would like a proactive approach to optimize their chances of becoming pregnant and having a healthy pregnancy!

Are you recently married or just decided that you want to have a baby? Do you want to make sure you are as healthy as possible before trying to conceive?

Have you been trying to get pregnant for a while, have already gone through medical evaluations/tests and want to try the “natural” route before going through Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART)?

Have you tried almost everything else to get pregnant, including medical interventions, and still not been able to conceive?

My Pregnancy Preparation Programs have helped many women conceive with ease – even after years of infertility and medical interventions!

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5 Aspects of Whole Health®

whole_health_fertility_transformation_11Whole Health Fertility Pre-Preg Prep Programs are based on the Five Aspects of health®*. These Five Aspects all work together in creating and maintaining true health and wellness. Together we will learn about how each aspect affects the other, and what you need to be doing now – before you even try to conceive to set yourself up for an easy (and fun!) conception, and a healthy pregnancy. If you have already been trying to conceive, we will look deeply into each of these five aspects to find the root cause of imbalances or blockages that may be preventing you from getting pregnant. By understanding exactly what true fertility health is you will gain back the control over body and set your baby up to grow in a clean, healthy and happy environment.

The Five Aspects of Whole Health® are:

  • Physical
  • Nutritional
  • Environmental
  • Emotional
  • Spiritual

Each of these works to influence the other and each plays an equally important role in your health and in your fertility.
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Whole Health Fertility is the place to come when looking for the very best in pregnancy preparation health information for you and your growing family.

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